Happy Holidays from Solaris!

Ragthor a posted 17 hours ago

As we take a break over the Christmas period I wanted to take the opportunity to wish everyone on behalf of the guild  Happy Holidays!

Mythic Twin Ogron Down!

Ragthor a posted Sun at 23:44

Our second Mythic raid saw us go in and finish off Twin Ogron after some low percentage wipes on Thursday. We started to progress on Brackenspore for the remainder of the raid and will continue on tomorrow!

Mythic Kargath Down!

Ragthor a posted Dec 12, 14

After clearing Heroic on our first raid day of the week we very quickly went in and killed Kargath on Mythic which proved to not be a very challenging encounter. We also had sub 10% wipes on Twins so we hope to get that down on Sunday!

We came in today and quickly killed Imperator as we had most of the strategy down from yesterday and without the lag it wasnt that difficult. Onwards to Mythic next week!