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Our first few weeks of raiding as a 25-man team have been productive, and with Thok down we are now at 11/14HC!

The Future...

Joán a posted Jan 4, 14

For those of you who were wondering and weren't personal friends of any of us - the 10-man Solaris raiding team collapsed shortly after the announcement of 20-man raiding being the only end-game format for the next expansion, Warlords of Draenor. We were making good progress on killing Garrosh but no one really had their heart in it with the knowledge that we would have to double the size of our raid team over the next few months - it just didn't seem possible or worth it. We were really enthusiastic about finally achieving respectable world ranks with our team after years of building and finding the right people, and when Blizzard decided to kill our preferred raid format it just knocked our breaths out, and Solaris stopped existing as a functional raiding guild.

After losing most of our long-time members to active guilds or quitting the game entirely we've teamed up with some veteran raiders from Ragnaros to form up a more casual guild intending to raid 25-man in a relaxed atmosphere as a warm-up for Warlords of Draenor. Solaris will still intend to clear all heroic content while it is current, on a 3-day schedule.

Check out our recruitment forum if you are interested in joining our team!
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